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Is internal wall insulation necessary?

Most of the people think that external wall insulation is sufficient and there is no need for internal wall insulation. But is it really true? It is similar to saying that we have covered our body with lots of woolen to protect from windy and damp environment but our stomach is empty from inside. Will our body be able to resist the cold weather if we there is no energy production internally from within our body in absence of food? Now you must have understood what I’m trying to say. Therefore, if you are looking to design a proper well insulated energy efficient house then apart from external insulation, you should go for suitable internal wall insulation too.
With many popular insulation installation companies operating in Ireland, England and nearby areas, you will never fall short of cool choices.

Where it becomes necessary?

Let’s try to understand this with the help of a scenario.

Suppose it’s cold outside and we have not covered our body with enough warm clothes, then can we think of a way to safeguard ourselves so that we do not catch cold? Yes, there are some simple ways by which we can do so.

Eat proper meals with lots of solid hot supplements to maintain the body’s natural heat so that it does not easily get affected from the rough and damp outside environment.

Similarly, internal wall insulation becomes necessary in those buildings and offices where the external walls are either feebly insulated or are in a critically deteriorating condition. Some other situation where internal insulation becomes mandatory is when exterior insulation of the house is seriously damaged due to over exposure of environmental hazards like dampness or draught. This can also be a viable solution in cases where we cannot disturb the outer appearance of the building to install external insulation.

Go for solid internal insulation

Before we start with a discussion on the advantages of internal wall insulation, let me tell you that only solid wall insulation material is beneficial and should be opted for. Some insulation providing companies in Dublin specialize in solid wall insulation, so you can check for them.

What gains does it offer?

First of all internal wall insulation offers a nice fresh clean look to the interior of the house or the building of the office. This doubles the joy of living or partying inside our home. Since in this type of insulation we are heating the house from within, the rooms are much easier to heat and remain heated up for a longer period of time even after the insulation is turned off. What’s more? It offers reduced electricity bills, lowers down the risk of condensation that can lead to growth of moulds and is easier to maintain. The list does not end here. Internal house insulation helps in saving energy, improving the audibility of insulated place and above all lowers down the ill-effects of carbon emission caused from other types of heating methods.

Where can you find internal wall insulation suppliers?

Most of the insulation suppliers across UK offer internal wall insulation facility. Some insulation contractors are well experienced and offer free advice too on the type of insulation that would suit your house.

Want one insulation company that proffers complete range of services?

If you are looking around for a popular wall insulation company, which offers host of choices including dry lining wall insulation, external wall insulation, and attic roof insulation and is authorized to give grants on energy home scheme then maybe you are at the right place! Few months ago even I was wandering here and there, talking to friends, and searching on the internet looking for a one stop shop for best insulation solutions in Dublin. After much effort, luckily I was able to locate Warm House Insulation Systems. Though we opted for their external wall insulation service yet the kind of advice we got from their insulation contractors was really helpful. They first visited our house, and upon seeing the architecture and designs of the rooms suggested us that the most suitable type of insulation.

Insulation services offered by WARM HOUSE

They present high quality external insulation with full water proof and finished surface under their integrated composite system. Since they believe that more than 35% of the energy loss is done through walls they focus on efficient energy saving external wall insulation methods. Though they are not against internal insulation yet they strongly believe that external wall insulation is the better protection method. Since the insulation is done on the exteriors of the building, it forms a protective layer and does not let the building get affected from the scorching sunlight, moisture of the air or get damaged from the heavy rainfall.

Dry-lining insulation commonly referred to as internal insulation too is offered by them. So, if you are looking for an expert insulation supplier then definitely considering them would be a good choice. Through their layered structure of dry lining walls they try to insulate the inner surface of the outer walls of your house building. In this the vapor barrier layer is provided along with plasterboard that can alternatively be combined with composite boards of plasterboard. These are backed with insulation and provide a perfect vapor barrier trying to resist the house walls from the damage caused by moisture or water. Their contractors use good quality insulation materials that are made from expanded polystyrene, polyurethane boards, and fiber glass. Though Polyurethane is a bit expensive yet they prefer it over others insulating materials. For the simple reason considering the thermal performance of polystyrene to be 50% better.

They are one of the few insulation providers in Ireland that offer Attic roof and pitched roof insulation. Warm house insulation system experts are well acquainted with the fact that most of the heat tends to escape from the roof so they lay stress on proper roof insulation. With huge number of satisfied customers across UK, they have now gained expertise in conversion of pitched roof with Attic space to Attic room.

Above all, this house insulation company is registered under SEAI grants that offers The Better Energy Home (BEH) scheme to those houses that are not only constructed before 2006 but also wish to go for insulation options.

I hope by now you are well acquainted with the varied insulation services of the Warm House Systems. So, what are you waiting for? Just login to their website http://www.external-wall-insulation.ie/ and avail the type of service you want.


Rely on perfect insulation system to gift your home energy efficiency

Be it Ireland or Dublin, every home should get its insulation done by expert professionals. There are many professional agencies that are based in Dublin and all over Ireland that provide insulation services to internal and external walls, attics, roofs and any other place where the clients want. Teams that work for these agencies are highly experienced who can deliver each and every kind of insulation possible.

External wall insulation

To keep a home warmer and greener, all the walls of a house are need to be insulated. External wall insulation includes services like good finishing and water proofing in a combined manner. This very type of insulation is beneficial in multiple ways. First of all, insulated exterior of walls protect entire house from frosty as well as soggy weather. Those who get exterior insulation done at their home, become eligible of applying for the home energy saving grants. When it comes to external wall insulation services, materials like mineral wool or polystyrene slabs and steel along with fiber glass get used. Exterior wall insulation has earned popularity and huge usage in whole Europe because of its beneficial facets.

House insulation

Though popular in Europe, somehow Dublin citizens are still not pretty clear about house insulation. This is why the insulation agencies of the place get asked numerous questions by people. Taking some time to read through the websites of the house insulation service providers will definitely help you to have a better understanding about the concept of home insulation and external wall insulation systems.

An insulated house is like a protected object under a strong shield which keeps it energy efficient and well even in the various extreme conditions. To keep a household environmental friendly, it is very much needed to make a house insulated by expert professionals only that are reputed for their each and every service and do their job in an affordable manner so that anyone can get assisted by them.

Warm House Insulation Systems is a name that everyone Dublin and Ireland areas trust when it comes to insulation services. Making your home more energy efficient, at highly affordable installation costs, external-wall-insulation.ie, helps you save considerably on your heating bills.

Dublin is also leaning forward to insulation now days

When a household is made, it is needed to take care of every aspect of it. Like many other important arrangements, insulation to a household is always needed to be done in a proper way sp that the owner of the house can lead a good life for a pretty long time. Insulation keeps a house hygienic as well as energy efficient that naturally makes heating bills reach to the home owner in a reduced manner. There are many agencies based in whole Europe that provide the best insulation services of all types to all of their clients in a moderate remuneration.

Various Types of Insulation materials

There are many types of insulation that get suggested by professionals to a house owner. For various types of insulation, various insulation materials get used. Materials that get extensively used are graphite EPS polyester, base coat, adhesive, mushroom fixing, acrylic render, mineral wool, fiberglass, steel and primer and mesh.
All these materials of top quality can be taken from reputed agencies that also do the whole project of insulation professionally. These materials get used in a compositing way to make a house protected in multiple ways.

Insulation contractors for Quality Insulation Services

To ensure supreme quality insulation, everyone should rely on insulation contractors who are doing the same for a long time understanding the weather condition of Europe. One should always rely on certified contractors only. They are also the providers of good quality insulation materials as well. the experienced insulation contractors are efficient, professional and their services are affordable as well.

The frosty condition of Dublin is not at all reliable. To get warm feelings inside home, one should definitely get in touch with professional insulation service providers who formidably do their job and guarantee their clients about the perfection of their services.  

A trusted contractor in Dublin and Ireland regions is http://www.external-wall-insulation.ie/. Offering a huge variety of services like boiler replacement, solar heating, external wall insulation, Dry-lining wall insulation, and Attic/roof insulation, this company intends to let you save considerably on insulation system installation charges and subsequent heating bills. With Warm House Insulation Services you are always a winner as you save so much in your household budget.

If you want to arrange a free survey at your home and get the quote for appropriate insulation system, please contact us.

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